Patty's Peppers in St. Petersburg, Florida, has two original pepper recipes using peppers in oil that will surely delight you. If you're a fan of pairing hot and sweet flavors, then our recipes are a must-try. 


Mom's Original Recipe

This 'Old World' Italian recipe combines Hungarian hot and sweet wax peppers marinating in a zesty, garlicky sauce. There is an unmistakable spice and tang, but combined with the peppers inherent sweetness, this fine condiment makes for a truly unforgettable taste. This unique flavor kept pepper lovers knocking on Patty's door for more than 50 years. 


Uncle Joe's Original Recipe

When Uncle Joe tried Mama Patty's original recipe he loved them but he was not to be outdone by his sister. Starting with perfectly grown Hungarian hot wax peppers, fresh garlic and spices, Uncle Joe mixed in a little of his 'secret sauce'. The result? Patty's hot peppers with Uncle Joes sweet finish. It will begin nice and sweet, but you'll feel that heat!