Our History

Patty acquired her recipe in 1963 from her new neighbor, Jane Schiavone. They became inseparable, lifelong friends, and Miss Jane became my eventual Godmother. Cooking was a passion they both shared and many of Patty's great dishes are attributed to Jane.

Our favorite, and the inspiration behind Patty's Peppers, was for her 'Italian style peppers in oil'. Jane's mother acquired this amazing recipe from a friend living in the Abruzzo, Italy region. Here, it's common for Abruzzese chefs and families to use a variation of peppers and oils to serve with their meals. Lucky for us, Patty adopted this strategy and served her perfectly pickled precious peppers with virtually every meal.

For years, I have returned to Ohio in late summer to join Mama in canning hundreds of jars of peppers. I’ve given them to friends and have always loved the positive reaction. But I never had enough to go around. This led me to a labor of love to produce Mama’s peppers on a larger scale with her blessing – Patty’s Peppers.

Not to be outdone, my Uncle Joe, who lived directly across the street from Patty, had his own amazing version of Hungarian Wax peppers. You'll eat them on everything!!



Why so good?

Patty's Peppers start with a unique, creative, delicious recipe. 

Our peppers are picked at the peak of their ripeness, color, and flavor. 

Processed shortly after harvesting, our small-batches ensure the finest and freshest product.