Forming an LLC

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    Go to the internet home page of the Florida Department of State, Division of Corporations with this link.

  • Or, on the top menu bar, click the third item from the left, which is "E-Filing Services." From the dropdown menu click "FL Limited Liability Company Articles of Organization."

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    Click on the disclaimer, read it quickly (or not), return to the previous screen and mark the disclaimer box, then click the box that's labeled "Add a Filing." Now you're ready to fill out the paperwork.

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    Fill in the date, then the wonderful company name you thought up, followed by "LLC." For place of business, it's fine to use your home address, even if you don't live in Florida--you can change it later if needed.

  • If you put a number in "Certificates of Status," it will cost $5 per copy. If you click "Certified Copy" each one will cost $30. You don't need to click either of these--they are not required.

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    Enter your name and address as "registered agent," unless you have somebody else representing you, like a lawyer or accountant. If you live outside Florida, your registered agent must be located and registered in Florida. Then type in your signature or agent's signature as it would usually be signed. For "LLC Purpose" check the box for "Any lawful purpose," unless it's a Professional LLC, in which case you have to describe your intended activities.

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    Enter names and addresses of managing members. You can use your relatives and friends, but it's a good idea to ask them first. Now click the "Continue" button.

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    Check the data you entered on the next screen, which shows all the fields you just entered. Make sure everything is correct, then click "Continue." Write down the tracking number on the receipt page, and if you are ready to pay, click "Continue" one more time.

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    Check the boxes for the fees to be paid. The basic fee is $100 for filing plus $25 for registering an agent. If you want a Certified Copy of Record, it will cost another $30, but it's not really necessary. Fill out the information for your credit card and click the "Finish" button. You will receive your confirmation by email within about a week.

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    Apply for your Employee ID Number (EIN) from the IRS at this link.

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