Delightful Hungarian Wax Peppers

Patty’s Peppers in St. Petersburg, Florida, cultivates a mix of Hungarian Hot Wax peppers and sweet peppers, which are rich in flavor and texture. More savory than many common peppers, Hungarian Wax peppers are not widely available. 

The vibrant color, mixture of sweet and heat, and crisp texture gives our peppers unique flavor and appeal.


Pair our peppers with anything that needs a zesty crunch of flavor. Patty's favorite was to serve her peppers as an appetizer or hors d'oeuvre before dinner. The applications are seemingly endless.  

Try this on movie night!
Use the oil from Mom's Original Recipe on popcorn for a spicy kick rather than butter. 

Build a better burger...
Pour on some of Uncle Joe's Original recipe to top your burger rather than plain old ketchup!

Can you eat them in the morning?  Certainly!
Add some to your morning omelet, scrambled eggs, or in a breakfast burrito.

Skip the sauce...
Stir some of Patty's Peppers into your favorite pasta for a flavorful alternative to marinara.

Make mine peppy!
Add Patty's Peppers to a pepperoni pizza (or any pizza) for a double "pep" pizza.

Keep it simple
Spoon some on your favorite bread or cracker for a simple and easy taste treat.